Amateur radio license exam

This form lets you pre-register for the amateur radio exams conducted by the Laurel VEC-Pilipinas Testing Group.

Instructions on how to obtain your FCC Reference Number (FRN), as well as some review material, can be found here.

  • If this is your first time to test for an FCC amateur radio license, obtain your FRN before proceeding (instructions above).
  • Enter your FRN if you’re applying for a new license. No need to enter a callsign at this point.
  • If you are upgrading your existing license, simply use your callsign. The FRN and address associated with that callsign will be automatically filled in by our session manager.
  • Indicate what exam(s) you are going to take. You may continue to the next higher class level/s during the session if you are confident you can pass it.
  • Be sure to indicate the email address you used in applying for an FRN.

Pre-registration is necessary so we can prepare the paperwork ahead of time.

We are still setting the VE exam session schedules, but we are targeting one exam per quarter in 2023. We can also hold smaller sessions upon request (use the Comments area), but these need to be requested at least one week ahead of time.

Once you have obtained your FRN, you may fill up the form below:

You may find upcoming schedules here.